AV Task App Is A Task Manager App For The Salesforce CRM

Task Manager

App that allows both internal and external users to access and update tasks assigned

Contract Management

App that makes the processing of contracts much easier with approval options and notifications

Easy Invoice Management

App that has effcient multiple invoice and email templates to select after placing orders

1099 E-FILE

Native App to generate IRS compliant 1099-MISC Tax form in e-file format

Nacha File Generation

App with unique formatted payment instruction file generator to process bulk bank payments

Data Loading system

App to load data in different formats from multiple data sources be it local or FTP servers with easy mapping


App to instantly establish FTP and SFTP - remote server connections through Salesforce


Dynamic Related View

No more pop ups, no more hassles to edit records in Related List View. Just HOVER-EDIT-SAVE

Case Merger

Enhanced flexibility to merge multiple cases in Lightning applications to avoid duplication and bring cases together

User profile Reports

Reports on Salesforce licensed users based on assigned profiles and permission sets with printable view

Round Robin Assignment

Process automatically assign and schedule data(leads, accounts) to multiple users in round robin model

Commissions Generation

Accelerator to calculate commission for agents and contractors for their projects and tasks and dynamically update yearly earnings

Conversion Rates

Conversion Rates Accelerator to automatically calculate conversion rates(leads) and assign data basing on the performance

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