Ciora is an IT company which stress more on ethical social responsibilities. We care for people around us and the welfare of the community we live in. Trust, integrity and reliability are the essence of our corporate social responsibility. Our essence of the services that we provide is even well demonstrated through our operating models.

  • We are an organization that focuses on human values and welfare of the society.
  • We provide our professionals myriad opportunities to excel in their personal and professional life.
  • We partner with multiple organizations to deliver the best and the most sustainable solutions which can collectively back up charitable / human causes.
  • We always focus more on social, economical and environmental responsibilities and follow a strong code of ethics to achieve our desired goal of making a place worthwhile to live in.
  • Our goal is to spend half a day every week at our office in discussions related to social awareness and participate in social activities.
  • We even join up with other local organizations and promote social awareness and activities.
We were able to meet the cause with support from these organizations.

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