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  1099 e-file


Going through the task of filing 1099 Misc form includes collecting loads and loads of important financial documents and involves a ton of man-hours of a job. Also, manual process[...]

1099 e-file
1099 e-file generator is majorly used in companies and industries to generate and submit tax forms. Through the process of generating and submitting tax forms over the internet using this application we follow guidelines approved by the relevant authority - IRS (Internal Revenue Service).
Process Flow
  • Native App in Salesforce to generate IRS compliant 1099-Misc Tax form in e-file format.
  • Quick Upload, Review & Submit handlers.
  • Easy download and useful for both manual and electronic filing models.
  • Forms for multiple payees can be generated at once.
  • Secured process with auto tracking process.
  • Centralized system for payees, payers & businesses.
  • Rule based & Federal guidelines based automated tax calculations.
  • Integration with payees and payers with external systems.
  • E-filing made easy for businesses to generate employee form.
  • It can be processed by a non-technical admin. It is that easy.
  • It is well organized process that keeps years of data without any hassles.
  • This approach is time saving compared to traditional process.
  • No manual storage of documents.
  • Manual printing and mailing the forms is not required.
  • Well organized system with alerts and notifications.
  • Flexible and easily scalable application.

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